Frederik Cornelius hits 250 Subscribers

The Hungary based musician, entertainer and YouTube Frederik Cornelius has recently hit the 250 subscriber mark on his 2nd YouTube channel “This Is Frederik Cornelius” where he teaches us about Hungary and shows us his daily life without much glamour and editing.

He recently visited Sándorfalva and Röszke which are two small Hungarian towns with lots of history. One of the first time ever that a non-hungarian visited and made a video from there.

Have you heard about Sándor Rózsa? The Robin Hood of Hungary, The Hungarian Outlaw. We visited his birth town Röszke to find out more about Hungary! A Nice little town.

His Current Goal

Is to reach 1000 subscribers by the end of the year. But its taking some time, more than expected.

Remember to subscribe to “This Is Frederik Cornelius” on YouTube!

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